Jonathan F. Kominsky



I'm an assistant professor of Cognitive Science at Central European University in Vienna, the PI of the Causal Cognition Lab (link soon!) and a co-PI of the CEU Cognitive Development Center.

I am interested in how our minds represent the many cause-and-effect relationships we encounter in our daily lives, and how these representations are used in reasoning, perception, and action. I use tools from vision science, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology to examine what kinds of causality are represented in the mind, how different kinds of causal representations may be related to each other, and how they emerge during development.

I also created PyHab, an open-source system for infant looking-time studies. It is designed for real time infant gaze coding and stimulus presentation, and creates self-contained experiment folders to make it easier to share your whole experiment, stimuli and code, across labs or for repositories like OSF. You can find out more about it here.

I can be reached at KominskyJ (at) CEU (dot) edu